alice and final project doorway

Project doorway

My art is my spirit telling a story with a paintbrush

I’ve completed my latest art project and taken the final photo. I called it Project Doorway. It was a satisfying process and thought I’d share the photos I took while in progress, as well as share the full story behind the art.

It all started when my house was burgled and my door broken down. Because it wasn’t the first time, I decided not to replace the door but rather to brick it up and paint a picture on it. I really enjoyed creating my art and going from blank canvas to having my final picture. This whole experience was extra meaningful because it happened in parallel with so many other symbolic themed experiences in my life over the last three months.  It all started with a door that closed, then another that was broken down, and then even a wall that collapsed.

broken door

All the while I consistently went back to creating my art, with my paintbrush being the invisible wand shaping and colouring all the pieces of my emotions.

The picture itself is just something I thought I would enjoy painting. It’s not meaningful in a symbolic way, but the process certainly was. There were challenges along the way.  One of them was the colour of the tree.  I wanted it to be plum, but the paint I bought was too thin and watery and wasn’t showing up against the dark blue background.  So I kept experimenting and adapting until finally I found something I could compromise on. These challenges are why I enjoy my art so much.  I have to find a solution in going from what I had in mind to what I find along the way and how to adapt to get something I am happy with.  My art is a metaphor of life for me. I am not a qualified trained artist, but my art makes me happy.  It portrays a piece of my spirit, and each of my art has a story behind it.  It’s all meaningful pieces of my inner being speaking through the paintbrush. And I don’t mind the imperfections in my art, because I too am imperfect, and that’s OK.  In this painting, I didn’t mean to make the butterflies bigger than the birds, but that’s how it ended up.

I will share some of the stories behind my other art.

Why did the trees cross the hill?

I was in Cape Town for the Two Oceans Marathon in 2014 and while walking along Long Street looked up the side street.  I saw the view of Signal Hill between the buildings and noticed the row of trees on top.  I was amused because I thought it looked like they were crossing over.  Instead of ‘why did the chicken cross the road?’ I thought of ‘why did the trees cross the hill?’ So I took a photo and a few years later painted it.  It’s my favourite.

Running from depression

This one was about when I was very depressed, and running goals helped me to get out of bed on weekends and train so that I would be ready for that next race coming up.

‘It’s snowing’, said Alice

These two pictures belong together. They were inspired by a time when I was on a weekend trip with colleagues at Rietspruit Dam, Ventersdorp. The weather app on my phone said that it was snowing in Rustenburg, but it was not – we were sitting next to the dam and there was no snow in sight. After that they were always teasing me about me app which was often incorrect.  So I painted a picture of Alice saying ‘it’s snowing’ and the snow on the Rustenburg hills.

My values

This one is about the attributes and values that I recognise in myself and strive towards. I added in my favourite pair of boots to personalise it.

Sharing my art, sharing my inner colours

My art is available on a consignment basis for any business with wall space to spare.

Originals and copies of these and many more also available individually for sale.

If interested, get in touch with me.