Celebrating my survival

One year after retrenchment I am writing this one year and three days after being retrenched. A whole year! The spirit of this blog is purely me celebrating myself. I am giving myself a high-five for my journey of survival. If retrenchment was personified, and I encountered him on the street, I would sing Elton …

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Alice…a celebration

Every year, the first week in August is a time of reflective celebration for me. I celebrate the choices I made and the mistakes I didn’t. I take this time to exhale and be proud of my story. The story begins with a young woman who said ‘enough’ – 28 years ago, on the 2nd …

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another kind of endurance

Another kind of endurance

Every year for the last five years, somewhere around the beginning of May, I have run the RAC 60km Loooong Training Run, in preparation for the Comrades Marathon which happens about six weeks later. This year is different, and at first when I realised it’s that time of year when I would normally be testing …

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alice and final project doorway

Project doorway

My art is my spirit telling a story with a paintbrush I’ve completed my latest art project and taken the final photo. I called it Project Doorway. It was a satisfying process and thought I’d share the photos I took while in progress, as well as share the full story behind the art. It all …

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unemployed...90 days in

Unemployed…90 days in

Three months after being retrenched, I check in to share my insights and experiences from the inside – or rather, the outside.  More than salary, more than a job The pain of unemployment goes further than lack of income and security. It’s about the lack of meaning, self-realisation, self-esteem, confidence, achievement, respect by others. All …

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the little sister effect

The little sister effect

I share how being the little sister equipped me for business, and helped me succeed as an independent woman and single parent. I call it the little sister effect. My brother is seven years older than me. When I was little, I always wanted to go with him and his friends and do what they …

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