5 Easy Ways to Better Manage Working from Home with Loadshedding

5 Easy Ways to Better Manage Working from Home with Loadshedding
on a Budget of around R1 000

– Plan ahead using the loadshedding schedule or app.
If loadshedding is scheduled to start at 08:00, get up earlier and start working at 07:00. That gives you an hour lead time.

– Make sure your laptop, wifi router and cellphone are fully charged. You can still use your laptop to charge your cellphone and possibly your wifi router if needed. If you have more than one laptop, charge them all fully, to increase the amount of chargeable sources.
There is really no reason to say your batteries are flat at 08:00, when the loadshedding schedule was available the night before

– Invest in a power bank, preferably with at least two usb ports, so you can charge the laptop and wifi router – the most critical to keep working on the most time-sensitive tasks.
Prices vary, depending on specs. I got myself one for R760 with 30 000mAh Power. It’s well worth the investment – the peace of mind helps me feel positive and that I can cope with balancing loadshedding and deadlines. Also, on a personal note, in the evening I can use it to keep using my phone with a low battery on the couch.

– Get a rechargeable LED lantern, with SB port to charge your cellphone as an extra bonus. Prices vary but average around R250

– If you know you have urgent deadlines coming up, rather work ahead if possible. Having a comfortable buffer gives you confidence that even if loadshedding or another emergency comes up, you will be in control. You can always have a break during loadshedding.

With just a relatively low cost compared to other options, and no disruption of your home systems, you can continue working with a smile and being productive instead of using your energy to complain, blame and feel stressed. You will also feel proud of being self-sufficient and managing your deadlines under all conditions. These small victories add up and contribute to an elevated mood, which flows into all areas of your life, enabling you to face life with a more positive mindset.