Alice da Silva

Who am I?

Relationship Builder
Conducting of interviews
Translator (English/ Portuguese)
Feature writer

About me

I am curious, creative, and have an enormous appetite for facts and information. My passion and strength is people and communication.

I thrive on projects involving collaboration of ideas, people, information and communication.

I am open to consultations regarding the above. 

Nothing is too small to enquire about, even if you are not sure exactly what you need or how to implement it, don’t hesitate to make contact, and together we’ll figure out a custom solution.

Welcome to my world...

Or at least my website.

My love affair with writing, words and communication has been an inseparable part of me for all of my memorable existence.

Actually, it’s more than a love affair – it’s a natural part of me, as inseparable as my eye colour – it’s a distinct part of my genetic makeup and a tool I learned to use and depend on. 

As a child, you would often find me absorbed in books, distracted from my chore of dusting the furniture. Or using my way with words to help my brother get into (or out of) mischief.

From an early age, I was translating for family members who didn’t understand English, while accompanying them to doctors and hospital visits. I learned naturally to communicate efficiently and to be taken seriously.

I received my first typewriter at age 12 so I could write my stories – and still keep it with me!

Reading, writing, communicating. It has always been a big part of my life. And always will be.


Alice is absolutely wonderful to work with. She goes above and beyond to deliver urgent translations working late at night and over the weekends. She is creative when required providing us with alternate translations when we have space issues. She is an invaluable component in our delivery chain and has had a significant role to play in helping us to deliver a quality product.
Alice is always helpful and willing to assist in a speedy manner. She understands the importance of customer service and acts in such a way to provide excellent service to our department and customers alike. It is a pleasure to work with her and to know one can rely on her 100% to provide the requested input.
Alice has never missed a deadline and always puts up her hand to take on more even when it's not in her current scope of work.

My childhood poetry...

Thanks so much for jumping in and helping us out – we really, really appreciated it and your work was excellent.